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Предмет: Англійська мова.

Тема: . Поняття про грунти. Лексико-граматичний мінімум по темі.

Мета: Ознайомити студентів з новою лексикою, тренувати їх у читанні, вміння користуватися словниками при перекладі текстів, вміння виконувати вправи по тексту.

Тривалість 90 хвилин

Вид заняття: самостійне вивчення

Література: Головіна І.А. п.2, Моос Б.Є. п. 7
Коваленко А.Я. «Общий курс научно – технического перевода» с 313…314,

Методичні рекомендації

1.Вивчити нову лексику по темі.

2.Прочитайте та перекладіть текст “Soil ”

3.Виконати вправи по тексту.

Завдання І

Вивчити нову лексику:

soil formation – утворення грунту

a layer of soil – пласт грунту

land – земля

grain – зерно

improvement – поліпшення

to destroy – знищувати

slow – повільний

to result in – приводити

the cultivation of soil – обробіток грунту

nitrogen – азот

phosphorus – фосфор

potassium – калій

Завдання ІІ

Прочитати та перекласти текст “ Soil”

Soils can vary in: mineral composition, texture, fertility, pH soil organic matter: amount and type structure, aeration, drainage, density, water-holding capacity thickness of horizons, topographic position age: degree of weathering, erosion, deposition depth to: bedrock, water table, textural or structural changes. Intensive crop production has contributed to the variation in topsoil depth. Soil erosion by wind, water and tillage has reduced the amount of topsoil in parts of many fields. That topsoil, in some cases, is deposited in other areas of the field, increasing topsoil depth there, while in some fields, the topsoil has been lost totally from areas. Other examples of management that can intensify variability include liming, removal of fence rows, compost/manure piles and uneven manure application patterns.

Soil quality is the measure of a soil's health and its ability to resist erosion, compaction and other stresses, while maintaining economic productivity. Many factors are assessed to determine a soil's health. A healthy soil will: have good soil structure, resist crusting and have minimal compaction have an abundance of earthworms have a fresh, earthy odour readily decompose residue have good drainage, water movement and water-holding capacity encourage seedling emergence and root growth produce uniform crop growth and colour have nutrient levels, pH and organic matter in the optimal range have suffered little wind, water or tillage erosion, and will be resistant to it.

Most of the characteristics of a healthy soil have a direct or indirect link to soil organic matter.

The term soil tilth is used to describe a soil that is in a favourable condition for crop growth. Soil with good tilth is porous and allows water to enter easily, instead of running off the surface, which makes it more available to plants and results in less erosion. A porous soil allows roots to exchange oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide more easily, which aids root growth.
Soils and soil structure are formed through the actions of freeze-thaw cycles, wet-dry cycles, root growth, tillage, and soil animals and microorganisms.

The active organic matter in a soil, the decomposing residues and the soil life play a significant role in soil structure development and maintenance. Soil structure is developed from soil particles held together with clay, humus and the glues released from living and decomposing organisms. Good soil aggregation or structure can only be maintained with a continuous supply of organic materials, roots of living plants and soil organisms.




Завдання ІІІ

Дайте відповіді на питання по тексту:

1. What does the soil produce for man?

2. What food products does the soil produce for man?

3. How is organic matter mixed with the mineral matter?

4. How can soil be subdivided in accordance with texture and age?

5. What is one of the most important task of the farmers?

Завдання IV

Знайдіть синонімічні пари:

1. Consume, different, raw materials, may, need, a number of, receive, supply.

2. Obtain, require, can, eat up, many, give, various, stuff.

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