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Тема: Пакетні перемикачі. Поряд слів у питальних реченнях.

(Торic. Package switches. Word order in interrogative sentences. )

Мета: Ознайомити студентів з новою лексикою, тренувати їх у читанні, виконанні письмового завдання з граматики.

Тривалість 45 хвилин



1. Інтернет - ресурси


1. Верба Л.Г. Граматика сучасної англійської мови .- К:, 2002 с

Методичні рекомендації:

1. Прочитайте та перекладіть текст “Packet switch”

2. Підберіть англійські еквіваленти до українських слів.

3. Вставте в текст необхідну лексику.

4. Перекладіть українською. Зверніть увагу на вживання Absolute Participial complex.

5. Знайдіть афікси у даних слів.

6. Напишіть інфінитив до даних дієслів.

7. Напишіть речення із прийменниками.

8. Виконайте вправи на вживання порядка слів у питальному реченні.

1. Прочитайте та перекладіть текст “Packet switch” (Read and translate the text “Packet switch”)

ЗображенняListen to the record 55)

A packet (rotary) switch is a switch operated by rotation. These are often chosen when more than 2 positions are needed, such as a three-speed fan or a CB radio with multiple frequencies of reception or "channels".


Three-deck rotary switch allows controlling three different circuit functions


Bottom view of a 12-position rotary switch showing wiper and contacts.
A rotary switch consists of a spindle or "rotor" that has a contact arm or "spoke" which projects from its surface like a cam. It has an array of terminals, arranged in a circle around the rotor, each of which serves as a contact for the "spoke" through which any one of a number of different electrical circuits can be connected to the rotor. The switch is layered to allow the use of multiple poles; each layer is equivalent to one pole. Usually such a switch has a detent mechanism so it "clicks" from one active position to another rather than stalls in an intermediate position. Thus a rotary switch provides greater pole and throw capabilities than simpler switches do.
Rotary switches were used as channel selectors on television receivers until the early 1970s, as range selectors on electrical metering equipment, as band selectors on multi-band radios, etc.
Modern rotary switches utilize a "star wheel" mechanism to provide the switching positions, such as at every 30, 45, 60, or 90 degrees. Nylon cams are then mounted behind this mechanism and spring-loaded electrical contacts slide around these cams. The cams are notched or cut where the contact should close to complete an electrical circuit.
Some rotary switches are user configurable in relation to the number of positions. A special toothed washer that sits below the holding nut can be positioned so that the tooth is inserted into one of a number of slots in a way that limits the number of positions available for selection. For example, if only four positions are required on a twelve position switch, the washer can be positioned so that only four switching positions can be selected when in use.

2. Підберіть англійські еквіваленти до українських слів. ( Read the text once again and find in the text English equivalents for the following Ukrainian phrases).

пакетні вимикачі, в залежності від числа позицій, селектори каналі, вимикач управляється обертанням, кожен шар еквівалентний одному полюсу, механізм стопора, проміжне положення.

3. Вставте в текст необхідну лексику. Complete the text using the missing words.

drawback/ rotational/ stable/ equipment/ advantages

1. A packet (rotary) switch is an electrical switching device with a manual drive of the … motion which consists of separate blocks of packets, each has switching device.
2. It may have several … positions and a number of switching elements.
3. According to the values of loading (electric currents and voltage) turning switches can be divided into two groups: package switches of loading and turning switches of a radio-electronic ….
4. The main … of the packet switch is its small wear resistance - no more than 10000 cycles therefore it isn't recommended to carry out more than 120 switch-offs (switching on) an hour.
5. It is necessary to underline the… of packet switch – they are small in size and are more compact than the breakers performing the same functions.

4. Перекладіть українською. Зверніть увагу на вживання Absolute Participial complex. (Translate the following sentences, paying attention to an Absolute Participial complex.)


1. A current flowing through a conductor, a magnetic field is set up.
2. A magnetic field surrounds a current-carrying wire, its strength decreasing as the distance from the wire surface increases.
3. A sensitive radio receiver having been built, the electric oscillations could be detected successfully.
4. The speed of light being extremely great, we cannot measure it by ordinary methods.
5. The temperature being increased, the resistivity of the semiconductor decreases. 6. Hydrogen consists of discrete particles, called molecules, each one made up of 2 hydrogen atoms.

5. Знайдіть афікси у даних слів. (Find affixes of the given words.)


semiconductor, turning, washer, multi-band, disadvantage, non-linear, microelectronics , intensely.

6. Напишіть інфінитив до даних дієслів. (Write Infinitive of the given verbs. )

having been built, being increased, called, detected, selected, were used, influenced, will be followed, was investigated, is affected.

7. Напишіть речення із прийменниками. (Write the sentences. Choose proper prepositions.)

1. In this paper the electrical characteristics … different materials are considered.
2. The connection … magnetism and electricity was first investigated … 1819.
3. A conductor that is carrying а current is: surrounded … a magnetic field.
4. Free electrons are not attached … any particular atom.
5. When a circuit is switched … current is flowing … it. When it is switched … the flow of current is stopped.
6. A switch is used … almost every piece of electrical apparatus. Materials having a low resistance are called conductors.
7. This method was referred … in an earlier paper.
8. This problem was dealt … in a number of papers.
9. New types of lasers are much written ….
10. The resistance of conductors is affected … temperature.
11. The resistance of a wire is influenced … several factors.

8. Виконайте вправи на вживання порядка слів у питальному реченні. ( Do grammar exercises. Mind word order in interrogative sentences. )


8.1. Make up special questions of the given words.

1. are / this / at / Why / like / looking / you / me?
2. do / to / university / What / enter / you / want?
3. Nick / his / How / does / after / disease / feel?
4. How / were / people / there / the / many / street / in?
5. are / holidays / Where / for / you / going / your?

8.2. Ask special questions to the sentences beginning with the words given in brackets.

1. Some children do stupid things. (why?)
2. I am looking for my watch (what?)
3. His pen friend lives in London. (where?)
4. We met after school yesterday. (when?)
5. She'll come to the party. (with whom?)
6. English is spoken in many countries. (what countries?)
7. He was not prepared for the test. (why?)
8. They were playing a game when I came. (what game?)
9. I have made some mistakes in this exercise (how many?)
10. He has given me his old camera. (what?)

8.3. Write questions to which the following sentences are answers.

1. A lesson lasts forty minutes.
2. We had only five lessons.
3. I am reading a rule now.
4. We haven't examinations this year.
5. The holiday will start next month.
6. I was looking out of the window at that moment.
7. There are no problem children in my class.
8. All tests are prepared by the teachers.
9. My mother came to school.
10. I was given another text.

8.4. Add tags to make disjunctive questions.


1. There is enough food here for everyone, ___________?
2. Remember to turn off the cooker, ___________?
3. Our President is going to visit Vatican, ___________?
4. Nobody knows about this, ___________?
5. I'm making you feel uncomfortable, ___________?
6. Bred should be here by now, ___________?
7. If you borrow my jeans, don't get them dirty, ___________?
8. Let's go because it is getting dark, ___________?
9. Get me some chewing gum when you go to the shop, ___________?
10. There is not really much time left, ___________?
11. Charlie usually has a rest after lunch, ___________?
12. Everything was done perfectly, ___________?
13. They won't be happy, ___________?
14. The Stones bought this car last year, ___________?
15. Don't repeat what I told you, ___________?
16. She hadn't been told about it, ___________?
17. There were a lot of cars in the street, ___________?
18. We have to work harder, ___________?
19. She needs to be there, ___________?
20. I needn't come, ___________?

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