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 Заголовок повідомлення: ДПА з англійської мови 2017
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ДПА з англійської мови 2017

ЗображенняWRITING. (50-80 words)

1. This year you will leave school. Write your penfriend about your plans to enter institute and what you think about future profession.
2. You are a cinema goer. You saw a very interesting film yesterday. Tell your penfriend about the title of the film, its genre, actors.
3. Invite your English penfriend to you. Tell him about holidays in Ukraine. Describe Cristmas traditions.
4. Send a letter to your friend. Write about your birthday party and your parents' present.
5.You were invited to the summer picnic by your friend. Write about your impressions.
6. You are ill and cannot take part in sport competitions. Explain your football coach the reason.
7. You are fond of art. Last week you visited art exibition. Write your English friend about your impressions.
8. Last summer you were at the seaside in July, then in August you rested in the Carpathian mountains. Describe the places of your rest to your friend.
9. You are fond of the English language. To master your language you went to the summer camp for English language course. Describe your impressions to your English teacher.
10. Your English friend invited you to visit Great Britain. Ask him how to get to his town and what sightseeing are you going to see.
11. You are interesting in music. Last week you had a chance to be present at music festival. Write your friend about this event.
12. Your friend plays truent from the lessons. He does't take the reciever an his parents cannot communicate with him. Send a mеssage to your friend.
13. You passed your exam yesterday.Your friend will pass his exam in a day. He is afraid to failure. Give him some pieces of advice.
14. Every day you go for a walk with your dog Jack. But yesterday your pet was lost. Write a notice to your local newspaper with description and your contact phone.
15. Last year you have finished your school. Your classmates decided to make a school leavers meeting.They asked you to write an advertisement in the newspaper. Write about the date and place of meeting.
16. This summer you are going to visit Great Britain. Ask your English penfriend about the weather and the way local people dress in summer. Tell the date of coming.
17. You are going to become a shop-assistant. Send an email to your friend and describe why do you like to go to shop, what is possible to buy there.
18. You had a flue last week, that's why you had missed your classes. Explain the reason of your absence to your friends and ask them to help with hometask.
19. Your penfriend will come to you on weeekend. Tell him who will meet him and what food you are going to prepare.
20. Your friend likes to dance. He invited you to disco party. Send him email. Tell him about how do you feel about this event.

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