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Тема: Годівля тварин. Технологія годівлі та утримання тварин.

Методичні вказівки:

1. Вивчити нові лексичні одиниці.

2. Прочитати та перекласти текст, користуючись новою лексикою.

3. Виконати лексико-граматичні вправи по темі.

Завдання І

Вивчити нову лексику:

a lot of - багато
who take care of — які піклуються о
result in - приводити до
plenty of - велика кількість
should take exercise- повинен робити вправи
breeding condition - заводська кондиція
barn - сарай
lamb - ягня
bedding - підстилка
management - утримання
bull - бик
milk v -доїти
calf (pl calves) n- теля
pig n- порося
care n -уход, піклування
pigsty n- свинарник
care for v - піклуватися про
sheep-pen n - вівчарня
cowshed n- коровник
straw n -солома

Завдання ІІ

Прочитайте та перекладіть текст:


A lot of work has to be done by a farmer in caring for his livestock and their products. Barns and other buildings are to be provided in order to preserve the animals from unfavourable weather conditions. Young animals — lambs, calves and pigs are known to require special care and protection. During the first days after birth animals are weak and may die if proper care is not provided.

At present separate buildings are usually provided for each kind of livestock such as cattle Зображення, hogs Зображення, sheep Зображення, and Зображення poultry.

Cowsheds, sheep-pens, pigsties and poultry houses should be comfortable for livestock and workers who take care of the animals. Much attention is now paid to lighting, ventilation, temperature, and humidity in animal buildings. Very often farmers keep bulls in separate barns.

Probably no farm animal is more responsive to good care than is the dairy cow. Regularity in feeding and milking and kindness result in more milk and greater profits. Dairy cows are to be provided with plenty of bedding such as clean, dry straw in the barns where they are kept.
When not on pasture cows should take exercise to be in good breeding condition.

Завдання ІІІ

Виконати лексико-граматичні вправи по темі.


Перекладіть речення:

1. On our farm there are many cows but few horses.
2. Young animals are usually provided with a little milk every day.
3. We do not raise this breed of poultry. It produces little feather.
4. One should work much in the field to grow potatoes and other root crops.
5. This farm breeds the sheep producing much wool.
6. Dairy cows are the main source of food for man.
7.There are a few other sources such as sheep, hogs and poultry.
8.High beef and milk production is obtained by proper care and management as well as by proper feeding and fattening of cattle.
9. When cattle are kept in cowsheds they are fed with corn silage, grass silage and high-quality hay.
10. Dairy cows are milked with special machines.
11. There is always much work to do on the farm.
12. The farmer has to take great care of the young animals.
13. Cowsheds, sheep-pens and pigsties are to be kept clean and well ventilated.
14. Cows, bulls and carves should be provided with clean straw for bedding.
15. Animals are to take much exercise to be in good breeding condition.


Знайдіть у тексті речення, у яких говориться про:

а) як захищають тварин при неблагоприятних погодніх умовах;
б) як потрібно утримувати молодняк;
в) в яких умовах повинен працювати фермер;
г) як потрібно піклуватися про молочну худобу.


Дайте відповіді на питання:

1. Should farmers саге for animal products?
2. Why are animals kept in buildings? 3.
Why do farmers provide special care for young animals?
4. What farm buildings do you know?
5. What conditions are provided in animal buildings?
6. When should cows take much exercise?

Вправа 4

Перекладіть тексти та складіть по три питання до кожного з них:


The best way of keeping the bull is to have a small separate barn with pasture of one or two acres where he can take exercise. Manger and water-supply are to be provided in the barn.

The bull may also be kept in a box-stall in the barn used for the cows. When the bull is kept in this way, the farmer can feed and care for him together with the cows.

Under both systems of management the bull should be fed and cared for properly. To provide the bull with legume hay and some grain is necessary in order to keep him in good breeding condition. Silage should rot be given to the bull in large amounts.



Too hot or too cold weather is a stress to all kinds of livestock.

Under very hot weather in summer production of milk is often reduced because cows consume little feed at this time. Cold weather is not a great stress to dairy cattle because large amounts of feed consumed by them produce much energy.

Beef cattle do not develop well under conditions of hot weather. They are more adapted to cool conditions.


To produce much milk cows require different nutrients.

Cows require carbohydrates, because they supply most of the energy necessary for the production of milk.

Fats in the ration are also used as a source of energy. But too much fat may result in digestive disturbances.

When there is not enough protein in the cow ration the amount and quality of milk are reduced. Protein may be provided by feeding both concentrated and roughage feeds, such as alfalfa and clover hay, cereal grains, green feeds and others.

Minerals and vitamins are important for milk production. They may be provided by feeding cows with good quality feed and balanced rations.


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