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Тема: Тваринництво. Основні визначення та поняття.

Методичні вказівки:

1. Вивчити нові лексичні одиниці.

2. Прочитати та перекласти текст, користуючись новою лексикою.

3. Виконати лексико-граматичні вправи.

Завдання І

Вивчити нову лексику

cow n корова
machinery машини,с.г. техніка
down пух
mutton баранина
draft cattle тяглова худоба
skin шкіра
fatten відгодовувати
wool вовна
feather перо
dual-purpose cattle — м'ясо-молочна худоба

Завдання ІІ

Прочитайте та перекладіть текст


Animal husbandry, a branch of agricultural production, includes the breeding of farm animals and their use. Farm animals are highly important sources of food for man. They are known to produce highly nutritious products such as milk, meat and eggs. In addition, the skin of animals, down and feather of poultry and wool of sheep are used as raw materials to produce clothing and for many other purposes.

The most important group of farm animals is cattle. There are four types of cattle. They are dairy cattle, beef cattle, draft cattle and dual-purpose cattle,1 Dairy cattle, that is,2 dairy cows provide milk that may be used in making various dairy products.Зображення Beef cattle are the producer of beef. One can raise dual-purpose cattle producing both milk and meat. Draft cattle and horses are almost everywhere replaced by agricultural machinery.

Important sources in producing human food are sheep and hogs.Зображення Sheep are raised for two purposes: wool and mutton production. The production cycle of hogs is much shorter than that of cattle or sheep. In other words, unlike the other farm animals hogs are rapid growing ones.Зображення They may be fattened in less than six months. That is why hog breeding is one of the most important and economic ways of solving the problem of supplying the population with meat

Завдання ІІІ

Виконайте лексико-граматичні вправи:


Перекладіть речення, звертая увагу на значення слів one и that .

1. One should provide farm animals with proper feeds.
2. We know that farm animals are important sources of food for people.
3. Products that are produced by farm animals are highly nutritious.
4. The problem of supplying the population with meat is the one that must be solved in the near future.
5. Concentrates, that is, the feeds high in protein and energy are good for hogs.
6. Hay made from alfalfa is higher in nutrients than that made from grasses. That is why farmers grow this crop widely.


Перекладіть англійською мовою слова із дужок:

1. Milk produced by this (корова) is of high quality.
2. Farms breeding sheep produce (баранина) and (вовна).
3. Both milk and meat are produced by (м'ясо-молочними коровами).
4. Poultry supply us with meat, eggs, (пух) and (перо).
5. About six months is usually required to (відгодовувати) a pig.

Вправа 3

Знайдіть у текті А речення де йдеться мова про:

а) о продуктах,які нам дає худоба;
б) про використання молока;
в) про те, що нам дає молочна худоба;
г) про особливість свиней.

Вправа 4

Дайте відповіді на питання:

1. Why are farm animals so important for man?
2. What raw materials do farm animals supply industry with?
3. What are the four types of cattle?
4. What are sheep raised for?
5. Why is hog breeding the most economic way of producing meat?

Вправа 5

Прочитайте та перекладіть тексти не користуючись словником. Складіть по три питання до кожного тексту.



In this part of England there are about 3,600 farms. The climate of this area is not very favourable to dairy farming. The farmers breed dairy cattle because there are many industrial towns here and they supply these towns with milk.
The typical small dairy farm in Lancashire is a farm of about 40 acres (акр = 0,4 га) with 18 to 20 dairy cows. The land is all grass. Half of it is used for hay and the other half for pastures. Summer pastures provide feed and exercise for the cows.



Draft cattle and horses are still widely used as draft animals in India, China, Italy and in some other parts of the world.
In many countries tractors perform most of the difficult field work. However horses still do some valuable services and, in addition, they are sources of great pleasure . In some parts of the United States and other countries where there are no improved roads horses are still used for transporting people and farm products from place to place. Now more than half of the world uses horses as draft animals.

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